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Letter From The Founder: Our Story

The idea of creating homes didn't use to interest me. In fact, I didn’t care much about where I lived, as long as there was a roof over my head. 


That is, until I was left without one. 


After losing both parents as a teenager, I soon moved out of my family home, and began the search for a home of my own. 


I moved from place to place, from rooms to apartments, from houses to hotels... And eventually, ended up on the streets. 


A year of homelessness felt like an eternity. But it was one of the greatest gifts that life had given me. 

Today, it is our passion and commitment to provide homes that not only nourish the body, but also feed the mind and nurture the soul. 

Christos Sophia Homes is the representation of luxury, tranquility, and divinity. In other words, heaven on earth.

Welcome to your sanctuary.

- Maggie Dong, Founder of Christos Sophia Homes

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